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It is recommended to purchase separate license key for Visual Composer in order to receive following premium features:

  • Access official customer support (opening support tickets are available only for direct license owners);
  • Update Visual Composer directly from WPBakery (no need to wait - get instant updates);
  • Access to Template Library: Downloadable layout templates with professional templates updated regularly.
  • Use Visual Composer with any theme (not just the one that got Visual Composer bundled);
  • Manage your licenses at Client Portal;
  • Support your beloved page builder plugin for rapid development.

You can purchase license for Visual Composer via CodeCanyon.

How to update and receive support if I do not purchase direct license?

In such case you need to wait on your WordPress theme author to update Visual Composer on their side and push it to you. Also support related questions should be addressed to your WordPress theme provider.

Visual Composer in Theme VS. Separate License

There's a difference between getting Visual Composer directly from us or in a theme. If you purchased from us, this means that you own license and you can access our ticket system and get direct and free updates (instant). If you got VC in a theme, that means that theme author has a license and only he/she can download latest versions of VC and include it in the theme. You as a theme user may use Visual Composer free of charge while you use the theme that came with VC (because you have a license for that theme).