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Visual Composer version offers automatic WordPress update mechanism. To use automatic update option you must have direct license for Visual Composer and activate it. When new version of Visual Composer will be available, you should click "Update Visual Composer now" link under Visual Composer in WP Dashboard/Plugins page.


It is also possible to update Visual Composer manually, to perform it please follow this steps.

  1. First, login to CodeCanyon and under your profile click Downloads link.
  2. Re-download Visual Composer and extract it.
  3. Navigate to Visual Composer License tab and deactivate your license.
  4. Now navigate to the Plugins menu in your WordPress admin area.
  5. Remove old copy of Visual Composer.
  6. Upload new version of Visual Composer.
  7. Activate Visual Composer license.


Please note: If Visual Composer came integrated in your theme, then ask your theme provider to update Visual Composer for you or purchase license directly from us to get free automatic updates.

What are the benefits of direct Visual Composer License

If you purchase direct license for Visual Composer there are following benefits you receive:

  • Access official customer support (opening support tickets are available only for direct license owners);
  • Update Visual Composer directly from WPBakery;
  • Use Visual Composer with any theme (not just the one that got Visual Composer bundled);
  • Manage your licenses at Client Portal;
  • Support your beloved page builder plugin for rapid development.

You can purchase Visual Composer license here.