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General Rules

While developing add-on for Visual Composer we are asking all 3rd party developers to follow certain standards described below in order to raise quality and support fair competition on the market.

Naming and Trademark Usage

We are allowing 3rd party developers usage Visual Composer along with our logo in their add-on naming. Nevertheless, Visual Composer title or logo can not be used as the only elements for your add-on visualization and promotion. It is necessary to name add-on according to what it does and choose specific brand name.

Names like ‘Number One’, ‘Premium’, ‘Best’ and so on can not be used in naming add-ons.

Logo of Visual Composer can not be used alone while representing add-on in graphic way. Thumbnails may contain Visual Composer logo only together with additional graphic.

Visual Composer logo is available for download here:

Featuring Add-ons on Visual Composer Site

We are constantly updating our list of available add-ons on our website. But we can miss something due to work overload or any other logic matter. This is why we are kindly asking inform us about addon you have developed via e-mail address -

In order to get your addon to be listed on our website there are few simple rules to follow:

  • Addon must be exclusive to Visual Composer page builder;
  • Item description on CodeCanyon for your addon must contain text (with link as in example): This plugin is addon for Visual Composer Page Builder;

Adding newly created add-ons take some time, this is why we again ask you to provide information in order to fasten up this process, plus, in such way you are able to have some control over information which is displayed about your add-ons. Please send us following information:

  • Title of the add-on
  • Description in text format (short)
  • Features list
  • Title image
  • Link to CodeCanyon where we can see your add-on
  • Video if you have one
  • Plugin files so we can test it
  • Any other materials you think are important for representation of your add-on

Website section with list of add-ons:

All featured add-ons will be promoted through our official Facebook page.

Important: remember that we do not guarantee featuring your add-on on our page. Each add-on will be reviewed by our staff members.